Welcome to BabbageClass

The Babbage Engine

Welcome to all children and parents of Babbage Class. We are named after the famous inventor, Charles Babbage who first invented the computer (Difference Engine) in the 1820’s. Babbage will be a focus to our reading, writing and art this term.

This term we will be exploring ‘toys’ both past and present making comparisons and discussing the reasons for the change in toys through the years. We will be exploring a range of fiction and non-fiction texts in literacy and using a range of media to create our own posters, pictures and paintings in art.

If your child has anything relevant to this topic from home, and you are happy with them to bring it in, please feel free to let your child do so.

We are very excited to be exploring the changes in the weather as we go from summer into autumn. The children will be creating their own weather diaries as well as designing and making rain and wind gauges.

In Maths this term we are learning about number and  place value, using a variety of resources to enable the children to understand tens and ones and the value of a number.

Both myself and Mrs Myers are very excited to welcome London class into Babbage class. We have a range of exciting activities and learning for the children to do, making the transition into year one a happy one. We shall be continuing child initiated learning twice a week during this term, allowing the children to explore and investigate, learning through their play.

Please do not hesitate to come and see me as I am aware that transition periods can be unsettling for many children. If you are unable to come into class, please ring the school office and I will contact you as soon as possible.

I am looking forward to an exciting year ahead with Babbage class, helping them learn and grow into happy, independent children.

“Children are a gift from the Lord”

Psalm 127:3

Term 5 in Babbage Class

Whilst the children are looking forward to the Easter Holidays, we have been busy preparing term 5's learning.

The children will be exploring poetry in English, multiplication and fractions in maths and learning about plants in science.

We are very excited to be studying Picasso and Lowry in our art sessions, as well as learning about significant events in history, from the first airplane flight to the London Olympics.


I hope you all have a wonderful restful Easter break, and I shall look forward to seeing you all back on the 16th April.


Miss Sheehan

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