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Welcome to Cape Town Class!

Our year so far has certainly been a busy one! Year 6 have achieved so much and have taken part in many exciting activities and events including: making Harvest deliveries around the village, learning about road safety and getting to view a lorry with the support of ‘Gist’, forming brilliant bonds with their London (Year R) buddies, putting on a wonderful tea party for our brilliant school volunteers, singing for the residents of Woodchurch House and all this whilst still working hard in lessons and producing some top quality work!

Please feel free to pop in and look at some of the wonderful work that your children have created last term. On display outside of the classroom, you’ll find letters written to Justin Bieber regarding his incorrect use of the subjunctive voice. In the hall, you’ll spot a bright display of ‘Amazing Angle’ art work.

This term our topic is, ‘Historical Oscars’. We will be looking for suitable candidates throughout history to win each category including ‘Best King’, ‘Best Inventor’ and many more. In Term 6, we will also devote some of our topic learning to take part in ‘The Fiver Challenge’ organised by ‘Young Enterprise’. Each child will be given £5.00 to start up their own business in hope of making a profit whilst taking part in the nationwide challenges set by the organisation. This was extremely successful last year, and the profits raised were spent on a class trip; I’m sure Cape Town class will make even more money!

This term in English, we are focusing on a variety of texts including a short film, Alma. We will then be starting rehearsals for the KS2 Production. Watch this space...!

In Science, we will be learning about ‘Living Things and their Habitats’. We will be thinking about Sikhism and Christianity in R.E and P.E, as last term, will be taught by Mr Taylor. We will also be starting swimming lessons at ‘Tenterden Leisure Centre’ in Term 5.

We also have our residential trip to PGL Windmill Hill to look forward to, followed by our ‘Class Act of Worship’. We  will also be taking part in the annual ‘Safety in Action’ event, where children learn essential skills to help with their transition to secondary school.

Below are some websites that can help with times tables practice, as well as some links to sites with information about world biomes.

We have many exciting things to look forward to this term and it will certainly be a memorable one!


Miss Gare

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R.E lesson

R.E lesson

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Studying fossils in Science today!

Studying fossils in Science today!