One of Darwin's amazing discoveries!


Welcome to Darwin Class!

Our year so far has certainly been a busy one! Year 6 have achieved so much and have taken part in many exciting activities and events including: making Harvest deliveries around the village, forming brilliant bonds with their Wright Class (Year R) buddies, a thought-provoking and excellent trip to Canterbury Cathedral, a lovely ‘Come and Learn’ afternoon with family members, putting on a wonderful tea party for our brilliant school volunteers, singing Christmas carols for the residents of Woodchurch House, a fabulous 'Dressing up for Digits Day' and all this whilst still working hard in lessons and producing some top quality work!

Please feel free to pop in and look at some of the wonderful work that your children have created last term. On display outside of the classroom, you’ll find short stories based on 'Castles' by Colin Thompson and a bookshelf inspired by his book 'How To Live Forever'.

This term our topic is focused on world biomes and vegetation belts and we will be exploring our topic in Geography, Art and D.T. lessons. We will also be able to link back to our Science topic from last term as we think about how animals and plants are suited to their environments.

Last term in English, we  focused on ‘Blue Planet II'. We wrote letters to Cineworld to ask them to consider swapping plastic straws for paper ones and we created information texts about animals featured in Blue Planet II. We even sent a selection of our work to David Attenborough. If we are lucky enough to receive a reply, it will be uploaded on our page. Watch this space..!

In Science, we will be learning about 'Animals including humans' where we will be learning about the human body. We will be thinking about Christianity in R.E.

Below are some websites that can help with times tables practice, as well as some links to sites with information about world biomes.

Please encourage your child to keep using Times Table Rock Stars. We have already seen a significant improvement in rapid recall of multiplication facts and I would like this to further continue and improve. Well done Darwin Class! There is also a link available on this page to a Maths revision guide. If your child is struggling in a particular area, this site provides example questions and YouTube links to guide them through: independent learning is a great way for them to become more confident.

We have many exciting things to look forward to this term and it will certainly be a memorable one!


Miss Gare


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One of Darwin's amazing discoveries!

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