Edison's Light Bulb 1879

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Welcome to Edison Class!

This term, our topic is ‘Invasion, Invasion, Invasion’ and we will be learning about the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings who came and settled in our country after the Romans left.  We will be looking at where they came from and why they came, as well as finding out about their daily lives and their legacy today.  We will also be creating some art and crafts associated with the period.

We will be learning about ‘Forces’ in Science and Judaism and Islam in R.E..  Mr. Clarke, from Kent Music School, will be coming back to continue teaching us how to play the ukulele in Music and we will be continuing with our Mandarin lessons.  Later in the term, we will also be going to a 'German Christmas market' at Homewood School.

On the right of the page are some websites that can help with times tables practice, as well as some links to sites with information about Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.

We are looking forward to a busy term ahead and hope to have some photos of our work on our page for you soon.

We are looking forward to a busy term ahead and will keep you updated on our progress!


Miss Mayes

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