Edison's Light Bulb 1879

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Bienvenida a Edison!

Our Easter term seemed to fly by!  We learnt about the Maya, finding out when and where they lived, how they farmed, what their cities were like and designing Maya glyphs.  In Science, we learned about the solar system and the movement of the Earth and Moon, before moving onto finding out about materials and their properties.  We wrote poems and newspaper articles in English and enjoyed preparing and presenting our learning to parents and relatives in our Sharing Act of Worship.

This term, we are learning about Mexico by finding out about its geography, culture and customs.  We will also be looking at the work of Frida Kahlo and drawing self-portraits.  In Science, we will be learning about green plants and living things and their habitats.

Many exciting things will be taking place this term, with swimming, the summer production, the KS2 trip and Sports Day to look forward to!

We are looking forward to a busy term ahead and will keep you updated on our progress!


Miss Mayes



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