Edison's Light Bulb 1879

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Welcome to Edison Class!

We had a busy Autumn and Christmas term with our Anglo-Saxons and Vikings topic.  We found out information about where they came from, their reasons for invasion and settlement and their daily lives.  We designed Anglo- Saxon villages, wrote accounts of the Viking raid on Lindisfarne and drew and made Viking boats.

This term, our topics are ‘The Mysterious Maya’ and ‘Magical Mexico’.  We will be learning about many aspects of the lives of the Maya people, including where and when they lived and what they discovered.  Later in the term, we will be learning about Mexico by finding out about its geography, culture and customs.  We will also be designing and creating pieces of art and D.T. work associated with these topics.

In Science, we will be continuing our learning about Earth and Space before moving on to thinking about the properties of materials and how they change state.

We are looking forward to a busy term ahead and will keep you updated on our progress!

Miss Mayes

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