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Tim Peake

I hope you had a fantastic summer and you are all feeling refreshed and ready for an exciting year ahead!

We are named after Tim Peake who is the first British ESA (European Space Agency) astronaut, the second astronaut to bear a British flag patch, the sixth person born in the United Kingdom to go on board the International Space Station and the seventh UK-born person to go into space. Throughout the year, we will be finding out more about Tim Peake’s life and adventures in space.

In English for term 1 and 2 we are going to be reading ‘Paddington’ and ‘Charlotte’s Web’ with our work being based around themes in each book.

In Maths we are exploring number and place value:

*counting in steps of 2, 3, and 5 from 0, and in tens from any number, forwards and backwards

* recognise the place value of each digit in a two-digit number (tens, ones)

* identify, represent and estimate numbers using different representations, including a number line

* compare and order numbers from 0 up to 100; use and = signs

* read and write numbers to at least 100 in numerals and in words

* use place value and number facts to solve problems

We will be moving onto addition and subtraction in term 2.

Our topic until Christmas is ‘The Great Fire of London’, a particularly exciting one where we will be looking at the cause of the fire and the aftermath. Alongside our topic learning, we will be creating art work based on this theme.

In RE, we will be learning all about Hinduism.

Within our Science lessons we are going to be looking at the 'Uses of everyday materials', exploring what materials are in our surroundings and how they can be changed to suit different purposes.

Mrs Dawes will be teaching the children PE and ICT for an afternoon throughout the year.

Children can earn extra team points and rewards for any extra research they might want to do at home, exploring our current Maths/ English/ Topic, Science work.

If there is anything you would like to discuss with me please feel free to catch me after school.

Mrs Horne


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