The Colosseum, Rome, ItalySalve Amici!

A warm welcome to Rome’s class page!  We are proud to be named after one of the world’s greatest civilizations, and a city that’s known today for its style and culture.


Our topic this term is ‘The World on our Doorstep’, and spreading throughout all our learning. We're looking forward to learning about the history and geography of Woodchurch.

What heroic acts have you achieved?

How To Train Your Dragon

We are enjoying reading Cressida Cowell's, "How to Train Your Dragon".

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III was an awesome sword-fighter, a dragon-whisperer and the greatest Viking Hero who ever lived. But it wasn't always like that.

In fact, in the beginning, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III was the most put upon Viking you'd ever seen. Not loud enough to make himself heard at dinner with his father, Stoick the Vast; not hard enough to beat his chief rival, Snotlout, at Bashyball, the number one school sport and CERTAINLY not stupid enough to go into a cave full of dragons to find a pet... It's time for Hiccup to learn how to be a Hero.


Christian Values

This term, our Christian Value focus is "Thankfulness".  We are learning how Jesus teaches us to be a good friend to others.

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever."
1 Chronicles 16:34

Our Worship theme is, 'The Symbol of the Cross'.  Each week, a class write and shares a prayer during worship.  Please revisit our page soon to read our contribution.

Prayer Archive

Our Easter Prayer of Reflection can be read here.
Last term's prayer for 'In Touch' can be read here.
Our prayer for 'Celebrating Journeys of Faith', can be read here.

General Information

Further information about our class routines and learning can be found on the links to the right of this page. Please note that these have been updated for the terms 5 and 6.  Furthermore, if you have anything you wish to discuss, the best time to see me is after school and I am always available for those early morning, urgent matters.

Here’s to another exciting term!

Mrs Leigh

Year 3 Fantastic Coding Project.

Click on the apps in the Gallery to explore our coding!

Amazing Mazes

These fiendish mazes are best viewed on a tablet as they use 'tilt' commands in their coding.  More to follow soon!
KMaze 1

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Rome Class Timetable

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Term 5 and 6 Learning Overview

Term 5 Home Learning Project
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Remember your e-safety rules: make sure you let your parents know you are online and share what you are learning!

Bedtime Story Competition

Spelling punctuation and grammar
Prefixes and suffixes – Use the machine to create new words by a prefixes at the beginning of words, or suffixes at the end.  Look how the prefix or suffix changes the meaning of the word.
Trapped! A game for identifying common nouns and proper nouns, adjectives and comparative adjectives
The Quest of Comma Castle – A spooky adventure that tests your word and punctuation knowledge: begin at level 1
Doorway Speller – Spelling quizzes.  Go from ‘first-second level (C)’, or try the word lists of common tricky words.
Look, cover, write and check spellings – You can input your weekly spelling list here!
Squeebles – A multi-platform app where you can input spellings to practise on a tablet or iPod or android device.

Squeebles – A range of maths apps to support the different areas of maths.




The Romans – Woodlands Junior School
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Lullingstone Villa – English Heritage
The Roman Painted House – Dover

Earth, Wind and Fire
17 Explosive Facts - National Geographic Kids
Facts about Volcanoes - Primary Homework Help
Volcanoes - DK Find Out!
Volcanoes - How they spew out lava - Easy Science for kids

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