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Hello Wright Class,

We hope you have been having fun in the snow! Here are some fun snow ideas that you may like to do at home and share with the class when you return to school.

- Draw and write a snow diary in your Memory Book. We would love to find out what you have been busy doing everyday.
- Create a snow collage using different materials.
- Experiment with the snow and ice. What happens when you warm it up? Can you make it into a different colour?
- Draw a picture of a snow person that you have built or seen. Think of some adjectives to describe it.

Have fun and look forward to seeing you soon!

Wright Class welcome to your class page!

During terms 3 and 4, our school theme is What a Wonderful World.' Firstly, we will be exploring the exciting topic of outer space and how our planet fits into the solar system. We will then zoom back to Earth to find out more about our amazing planet. We will be reading a range of stories and non-fiction texts to support our learning.

In Maths we will continue to expand upon our knowledge and understanding of numbers, shapes and different methods of measurement.

Class newsletters will be sent home on Fridays, these will outline what we have been learning about that week. There is no formal homework, however we hope that the weekly outline will offer an insight into your child’s week at school and offer opportunities for you to carry out activities with your child at home relating to those topics. Learning is always more valuable when it is meaningful to your child and by reinforcing what we have been learning in school at home, you can support this. Please also encourage your child to read daily at home; this proves invaluable in your child making good progress with their reading.

Please see the links for some useful websites. Don’t forget to explore the local libraries for some interesting books to support our learning in school. It would be great to share any learning adventures outside of school in your ‘Memory Book’ with the rest of the class.

We look forward to continuing our learning journey into 2018 and sharing lots of exciting fun-filled learning opportunities!

Kindest Regards,
Mrs Ringrose & Mrs Pestridge




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