Art & Design

Our principal aim is to stimulate creativity and imagination which develops the children’s knowledge, skills and understanding in art and design.


At Woodchurch CE Primary School we offer a curriculum which:


  • Is inspiring, rich, varied and enjoyable.
  • Develops creativity and imagination through a range of media.
  • Challenges our pupils to reach their full potential.
  • Offers learning experiences of the highest standard possible, irrespective of gender, ethnic background, age or disability.


During the Early Years Foundation Stage children use an assortment of materials and mark making tools to engage in all areas of study. Within the Expressive Arts and Design elements of the Foundation Stage Curriculum, children are taught to explore different media and they build a confident range of basic key skills.
As the children progress into Key Stage 1, specific Art skills begin to be developed, becoming more refined.
The development of these key skills continues throughout Key Stages 1 and 2 in key aspects and skills of Art. This encourages pupils to extend their skills, knowledge and understanding of processes, materials and the visual elements within their work. The study of the work of artists, craftspeople and designers past and present and a variety of cultures is an integral part of practical art and design activities throughout the school.

Art curriculum coverage map 2014 – 2015