In September 2014, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) was removed from the National Curriculum and replaced by Computing. Technology and computers play an ever increasing role in our everyday lives. It is becoming increasingly important that children not only know how to use computing devices but also that they understand how they work.

At Woodchurch CE Primary School we ensure that children acquire the skills and knowledge that they need to contribute to the digital world we now live in. Computing is an enjoyable and empowering subject. Through the Computing curriculum, children learn the fundamental principles and processes of computation. They are exposed to repeated, practical experiences of writing code to solve problems and to model systems. Children also learn and become skilled in creating high quality products and content using digital technology. An important part of the new Computing curriculum, E-safety, teaches children to become safe, responsible and critical users of technology. Further information about E-Safety can be found on our E-Safety page.

We have a range of technologies that children use throughout their time at Woodchurch CE Primary School including iPads, PCs, programmable devices and digital cameras. Computing is taught as a discrete subject at Woodchurch CE Primary School and the skills taught are applied throughout the curriculum.