Home learning

At Woodchurch CE Primary School we recognise the significant contribution that home learning provides for children through shared experiences and skills of parents. We believe that through learning at home, children are able to progress in their learning journey more successfully. As a Church of England Primary School, we appreciate the importance of family and the special time families spend together on their hobbies and interests. We also understand that children will have other activities after school and at weekends and therefore we will ensure that children have nearly a week to complete Home Learning tasks. In all classes, home learning tasks will be sent home on a Monday and should be returned to school no later than the Thursday morning of the same week. This will allow families to plan their time accordingly.

We understand that families have very different views about Home Learning and believe our policy offers a good balance. Above all, we stress that Home Learning should never become a ‘battle’ between child and parent.

Our Home Learning Policy can be downloaded here Home Learning Policy Feb 2015.