Points total = 1037

House captains: Thomas and Kayleigh


Points total = 1026

House captains: Jacob and Isabella


Points total = 1629

House captains: Charlie and Frankie


Points total = 1328

House captains: James and Abigail


To enhance the Christian ethos of the school, we have a house system in place in order to develop a sense of belonging and teamwork. Children and staff in KS1 and KS2 belong to one of four houses. Children will stay in a specific house for their whole school career and any siblings will join them.


Leeds Castle                    Led by Mr Gawthorpe and Miss Mayes

(Red)                               Staff in this house: Mrs Coles, Mrs Myers, Mrs Mewburn


Bodiam Castle                 Led by Mrs Ringrose and Miss Gare

(Blue)                              Staff in this house:


Dover Castle                    Led by Miss Stokes and Miss Perry

(Purple)                           Staff in this house: Mrs East, Ms Willson


Hever Castle                     Led by Mrs Leigh and Mrs Pestridge

(Green)                           Staff in this house: Mrs Hastings, Mrs Poyner, Mrs Wood


Gaining house points is all about winning points for your team. House points are awarded for good work and behaviour and to draw attention to and reinforce a particular desired behaviour.

Children will be in these houses for sports events.  Our Sport Coach organises inter-house games within classes for a range of sports.

Two Year Six children per house will be given the responsibility of being House Captains. They will collect points each week and lead team in-house activities.

Weekly totals for each house are announced in the Celebration Act of Worship on Fridays. The winning house will have their coloured ribbon put on Woodchurch Bear for the week. Weekly totals will be added together to so that totals per term and for the year can be celebrated. On Sports Day, all the points are added together and the winning house wins a trophy!  Each term, the winning house receives a house treat of their choosing.

Throughout the year we host ‘House Days’ when the children work together in houses, rather than year groups.