Medical Information

Medical Matters

Parents should notify the school of any medical issues relating to their child, including details of any medication, on admission to the school. Parents of children with a long-term medical condition will need to complete a medical care plan with the FLO.

Please read our Medical Needs Policy for further information.

First Aid

First Aid Policy December 2017

Bumps and scrapes are an unavoidable part of school life, especially in a school with lots of hard playground surfaces.

Here at Woodchurch CE Primary School we have 10 named Paedeatric  first aiders, who receive regular training and are able to provide first aid treatment for routine bumps, scratches and knocks. When an adult administers treatment of any kind to a child, they will complete an entry in our first aid book.  We have First Aid kits throughout the school and these are taken out to the playground at playtimes and lunchtimes.

If a child has a minor head injury we will send a letter home. Depending on the extent of the injury we will use our judgement on whether to phone the parent to discuss if the child needs to be collected or warrants a visit to the doctor or hospital.

In the very rare case of serious injury, the school will telephone for an ambulance.  If a parent is unable to get to school quickly, a member of school staff will accompany the child to hospital in the ambulance and wait with them until their parent arrives.


If your child is not well enough to attend school, please ring the school office on 01233 860232 by 9a.m. on the first morning of absence.

Illness During the Day

If your child becomes ill or has an accident during the day, we will always contact you, having taken the necessary steps ourselves to ensure your child is safe and cared for.

It is vital that we have your up-to-date contact numbers at all times, particularly mobile telephone numbers, and that someone is able, if necessary, to take your child home.

If your child was sick/had diarrhoea in the night:

Sickness and diarrhoea are extremely infectious. The 48 hour rule applies. The advice of the Health Protection Agency is that your child should be kept away from school for 48 hours after the last bout of vomiting or diarrhoea. Please remind your child about the importance of hand washing and show him/her how to do it properly. Please ring the school office, 01233 860232, by 9a.m. on the first morning of absence.

Prescribed medicines:

If your child needs to take prescribed medication during the school day you will need to complete a Medicine Consent Form.  It is important to ensure that medicine brought into school includes the pharmacist’s instructions and is within date.

You can download a Parental agreement for school to administer medicine 2016

What to do about nits and headlice:

Unfortunately, part of school life is getting to know head lice, so please check your child’s head regularly! We recommend you adopt the preventative ‘bug busting’ technique of regular combing with conditioner using a fine-toothed comb which is available from most chemists.

Please click here to download our Head Lice Letter which contains information on treating headlice.


Please let the FLO and class teacher know if your child has asthma.  We have a storage place for inhalers in each class. Please clearly name any inhalers.  Any child with an asthma pump needs a medical care plan.  This is written by parents and the FLO to ensure all stakeholders know how to support the child.  Inhalers are always taken on trips, and even to the school field and the church next door.