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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Connected Curriculum

Task 1

Find out more about one of the Anglo-Saxon jobs you have learnt about and then create a poster to advertise for an Anglo-Saxon worker for your job.

You should draw a picture of an Anglo-Saxon worker doing the job in the middle and provide details about the job and the qualities needed to do it in the boxes around the outside.

Choose one of these jobs to write about:

Smith, Tanner, Weaver, Jeweller, Woodworker, Potter


Task 2

Using all the information you have learnt about what an Anglo-Saxon village was like can you now design and draw your own village?

  • You should try to include as many features as you can to make sure your village is busy and thriving!
  • You will also need to write labels to annotate all the features of your village and show you understand what it was like to live there.

    If you don't have a printer to print the resources for task 2 please do not worry! You can draw your Anglo-Saxon village smiley