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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Today we will be looking at metaphors and similes, this is something we have looked at before so I hope you all feel confident completing the tasks below. We are going to be using the similes and metaphors you write today at a later date. Over the next few days we will be working towards writing an adventure story. I want this to be as fun as possible! 


Chapter 1 Answers from Wednesday
1) They are the only reason the wood is still there. They are a protected animal.
2) 3
3) The fish ran out.
4) Farthing Wood
5) Badger

Task 1

Read or listen to Chapter 2


Task 2 

Answer the following questions based on Chapter 2 (Answers will be posted tomorrow)

1) What is the mother otter called?

2) Where was Lean Vixen waiting?

3) What did the Otters do to Lean Vixen?

4) What are the Otters eating?

5) What word is used to describe the foxes on the final page?


Task 3
Complete the metaphors and similes sorting sheet (attached below)

Task 4
Create your own metaphors and similes to describes Farthing Wood and the animals in chapter 2. You should aim to write 5 metaphors and 5 similes. 


Simile: She was as angry as a raging fire. 
Metaphor: The anger burned inside her.  


Task 1 - Chapter 2

Still image for this video

Task 3 - Simile or Metaphor? Sorting Activity