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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Hopefully you all had fun planning your stories yesterday! Today you are going to start writing your story, you will not be writing it all today. Think about using interesting and different sentence starters such as fronted adverbials - I have attached some helpful resources below.


Chapter 3 Answers (Monday 8th February)

1) No Playfellow
2) They loved playing in the snow

3) Fox

4) They were poisoned by sick voles

5) Larder


Task 1 
Read / listen to Chapter 4


Task 2
Answer the questions linked the Chapter 4:

1) What happened to the young Otters?

2) What did Smooth Otter say would help?

3) What did the Otter and Fox fight over?

4) Who won the fight? Otter of Fox?

5) What word did Lean Vixen use to describe Smooth Otter (last page)?

Task 3

Use some of your time today to write the beginning of your story. Please take your time, don't rush and develop your ideas carefully. You should focus on the first two boxes on your planning sheet. I have attached some helpful resources below. Look at these before you start. 

Chapter 4

Still image for this video

Useful Writing Resources