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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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This term we will be reading a new book called Beowulf, it is a book based in Denmark in 400AD. I don't want to give too much away but this is a fantasy adventure book and I am sure you will enjoy it. As always, when we start a new book we will be writing down our predictions. This is a great skill to practise and it will help you grow your imagination and thinking skills. 

Please don't worry, I will continue to read The Animals of Farthing Wood for you to enjoy and I will post a chapter daily under the 'Books' tab on the website.

Task 1 - Write a prediction. 

Sentence starters for RED and ORANGE option.

I predict the Beowulf will be about…


I think this because...

I think the themes ______ and _______ will be covered in the book...


Don’t forget to include EVIDENCE from the front cover. 



What themes do you think will be addressed in the book?

What will be the message / purpose of the book?

Task 2
Read / Listen to Part 1 - Beowulf

Task 3
After listening to 'Part 1' answer the following questions:

1) What did the King build to celebrate his success? 
2) Where is the story set?

3) Why did Grendel attack?

4) When did the attacks take place?

5) Who arrives to save them?