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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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This week we will be working towards writing a Newspaper report! Today we will look at a Newspaper and unpick its features. Even though the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings didn't have newspapers we can use the Beowulf's adventures as our inspiration! 

Task 1 

Read through the Newspaper report attached below. While you are reading see if you can spot any of the features identified in the PowerPoint.


Task 2

Skim through the Newspaper report and use the checklist below to tick off all of the features you see.
*Higher Level Challenge - Annotate the newspaper report with all the features you see*

Task 3
Read / Listen to Part 2 of Beowulf


Task 4 

Answer the questions linked to Part 2

Task 1 - Newspaper Report

Task 2 - Identify the features

Task 3 - Part 2 - Beowulf

Task 4

Part 1 - Answers - Monday 22nd February 

1) Heorot

2) Denmark

3) Grendel hates happiness - he was born of evil and shame

4) Night time

5) Prince Beowulf


Part 2 - Questions

1) Who led Beowulf to Hrothgar's home?

2) What did Beowulf promise Hrothgar?

3) Does Grendel carry weapons?

4) What body part was ripped from Grendel's body?

5) What word beginning was T was used on the last page to describe Beowulf's win?