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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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As mentioned yesterday we will be writing a newspaper report on the events that happened in Beowulf! As you will have read / heard yesterday Beowulf has slayed the treacherous beast Grendel! Today you will be deciding the name of your newspaper, writing a headline and thinking about what you will include in your newspaper. 


Part 2 - Answers - Tuesday 23rd 

1) A coastguard

2) Victory against Grednel and peace!

3) No

4) Arm

5) Triumphed 


Task 1
What will your newspaper be called? This will sit right at the top of your newspaper. 
Come up with 5 different newspaper names.
Think about the names of current newspapers:

  • The Sun
  • The Daily Mirror
  • The Daily Mail
  • Daily Telegraph
  • The Guardian 

Your newspaper name will need to be relevant to when Beowulf was set!
For example: 'The Daily Dane'
Once you have written your 5 different names ask your family / peers / carers to vote for their favourite!


Task 2

You will be writing your headline today for your newspaper report. We will be reporting Beowulf's victory against Grendel! What happened? What will attract the readers?  


Headline examples:




Create your own headline! It needs to talk about Beowulf's victory and attract the reader. Write at least 3 headline and then choose your favourite. 

Part 3 - Beowulf Questions

1) What was hanging in the rafters?

2) What did they pass around to drink from?

3) Who did they thank before they thanked Beowulf?

4) What did the Queen gift Beowulf?

5) How many sons did the Queen have?

You can find Chapter 7 of The Animals of Farthing Wood here: