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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Today you will be writing your concluding paragraph for your newspaper report.


Task 1
Read through the following WAGOLL. Think about what you will need to include in your concluding paragraph? It doesn't have to be very long. You just need to tell the reader what happens next and recap over what you have already told them.


Example from 'Roman Coin Surprise from Mrs Ship':


Task 2

Write your own conclusion. This doesn't have to be too long, just make sure you recap over the body of your newspaper report and say what might happen next! 


Task 3

Read / listen to Beowulf and answer the following questions:

1) What advice did Hrothgar give Beowulf?

2) Why was Horthgar sad to see Beowulf go?

3) What did Beowulf give to the coast guard that watched his ship?

4) What did Hygelac say to Beowulf before he left?

5) Were the Geats excited to see the ship return?