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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Today you have the freedom to write freely about one of the photos below. This is an opportunity for you to showcase all you have learnt this year in English. You will have two days to complete this activity.

I recommend planning your work like we do in class before you start writing.

 You could create a mindmap with all your ideas and adjectives. 


You will find some questions below to help you start your thinking. 


Don't forget to include capital letters and full stops throughout. 


Things to think about before you start writing:

How did the boat/house get there?

Who does the house/boat belong to?
Does it come to life?

How old is it?

What is different about it?

Why is it exciting? 


You should try to include:

* Fronted adverbials 

* Personification

* Simlies 

* Metaphors

* Lots of adjectives

* Onomatopoeia

* Short snappy sentences

* Senses

* Emotive Language