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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Friday 15th January

Daily video

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English activities for 15.1.21.


1. Complete the SPAG activity.

Edit the paragraph of writing- there are punctuation hints on the side of the page. Once you have done this, go through and uplevel where you can. Could you uplevel an adjective for a simile?

2. Uplevel your own writing.

- Spellings to check: Egyptian, Ancient Egypt (note the capital letter!), pyramid

- Capital letters must be checked

- Link your sentences with conjunctions, you have been working on these in your early morning work.


3. Publish your writing.

You should underline your titles and subheadings. You should include pictures and photographs (you can draw these or print them out). Look back at the example texts to see how it should look.


I look forward to reading them! Good luck.

English 15.1.21

Maths 15.1.21

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Connected Curriculum

Today you are exploring Tutankhamun's tomb, you need to go through the artefacts found in the tomb and document them.

1. Watch the video I created, to explain your tasks.

2. Watch the tour of the 'Valley of the Kings':

3. In the documents you will find pictures and information.