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Woodchurch CE Primary School

Compassion Hope Forgiveness Thankfulness Love


Friday 16th July

Welcome Video

Fri Welcome

Early Morning Work

Please see below your handwriting practise to get us started this morning. Remember think good letter formation, go slow and don't forget finger spaces. There are two books one is for joined up and one is just for practising lead ins before joins. You need to pick which one. You don't need to complete or print the whole book just select which part(s) you would like to do. 


Love is not selfish, and does not become angry easily

I Corinthians 13:4-7

I wonder if we can think of any more things that ‘Love is not…..’?

I wonder how we can make sure that we are never selfish or angry towards those we love? I wonder how we make sure that we show the right kind of love to everyone that we meet?


The Selfish Horse

Having spent the week thinking about love, reflect on one of the most famous sayings about love from Jesus:

The greatest love a person can show is to die for his friends (John 15:13)

I wonder what Jesus meant by these words? I wonder how Jesus showed this love? How did Jesus show the love that we have talked about this week in his life?



Spr2.9.1 - Count edges on 3D shapes

This is "Spr2.9.1 - Count edges on 3D shapes" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

English - Iclue

Today we will finish off our learning on the text Grace Darling that we have been using for whole class reading.



Class google meet

We will do a class google meet at 13:00 after lunch to catch up about our week this week and talk about next week. I'll give you time to chat to each other too.


Connected Curriculum 

Today you will be creating your own art work inspired by Van Gogh. Play the 'a day at the beach' sounds while you work today to help you imagine you are there.

beach sound

Some children playing on the beach. Waves are crashing on the shore. A fisherman can be heard rowing his boat nearby. Seagulls make a lot of noise food.

How would different areas of the picture would feel?


  • What would the sand feel like compared to the sea?
  • How would the boat feel compared to the sky?

Re-create the painting using different textures if you can. 



  • Paint your own beach p
  • Sketch your own beach picture
  • design your own beach using whatever you have in your house


Be as creative as you like!

Daily Story

Today we will start to read chapter 26 of James and the giant peach. We will have a lot of reading to do next week to get it finished!



Chapter 26