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Woodchurch CE Primary School

Compassion Hope Forgiveness Thankfulness Love


Friday 21st January


Have a think about who looks after you; it could be someone at school, at home, a friend or a neighbour. 

Create a mind map about one of the people who looks after you.


  • How this person looks after you? (e.g. make me dinner, takes me to school, helps me in class, etc.).
  • What could happen if that person did not look after you?
  • How does it feel to be looked after?

Make it as colourful as you like:)


Luke 6:37–38. Jesus taught: ‘Forgive and you will be forgiven’. Put these words of Jesus in the centre of a large piece of paper. Draw cartoons of people who need forgiving. Then draw a speech bubble from each person, with the word ‘Sorry’ in it. From above, draw speech bubbles saying ‘You are forgiven’.

God forgives people who say sorry. Write a sentence or two underneath your cartoons about whether you think we should forgive people who say sorry too? Do Christians think Jesus was good news because he gave God’s forgiveness to everyone who was sorry?