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Woodchurch CE Primary School

Compassion Hope Forgiveness Thankfulness Love


Friday 22.10.21

Early Morning Work


Read a book of your choice from oxford owl using the login details on the home learning page. 


Discuss and celebrate something that has gone well this week.



Play on spelling shed this morning to practise your spellings for split diagraph u-e. 


Then complete these activities below. 



Black History work - extra curricular 

Please follow the slides to complete the work on Black History. 

Maths - Times table practise

Please practise writing out your 2X table in order and practise recalling them by getting someone to ask you the question and you say the answer. 

Multiply by 2 | Learn Multiplication | Multiply By Music | Jack Hartmann

Multiply by 2 by Jack Hartmann will help you learn the 2 times table. Multiply by 2's with a techno beat. Learn the 2's times tables by singing along with ...

Spelling challenge


Get someone to help you complete your times table challenge by calling out your spelling words out of order for split diagraph u-e. 

Connected Curriculum


Finish the term by making some messy jelly to finish our topic mess muck and mixture!


Extra challenge: Can you write a recount of what steps you took and when you did things?


Think time conjunctions, First, then, next, after that...