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Woodchurch CE Primary School

Compassion Hope Forgiveness Thankfulness Love


Friday 29th January

Welcome Video

Welcome Video Friday

Daily plan

Friday Maths shape art

FB4 and lesson intro are together. You will need to get your art skills and equipment ready for this lesson.

English - Reading Lesson

Thank you letter to the Elves Video

Connected Curriculum 

Today we are going to be doing some research about our school and village ready for next week. Please use the search engine provided to do this or have support to search the internet for information. I have also attached some information if you are struggling to find any. Take notes that you think are important about Woodchurch Primary School and the local area. You can take your notes in the form of bullet points or a mind map.


Key questions to think about


Where is Woodchurch?


What is special about it?


Why would people want to come to Woodchurch?


Is there anything special you can find out about our school?

Phonics spelling challenge
Complete the spelling challenge with me for /igh/. 

Friday spelling challenge for /igh/


Warm up

For the upcoming PE sessions we will be following some lessons from Chelsea Football and learning some different skills. 

Chelsea FC Foundation & Nike Football Camps - Turning Session

Balance/Stretch Cool Down

Daily story

Join our google meet ( the code will be on Class Dojo) where we will reflect on our week together and read a story to end the week.