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Woodchurch CE Primary School

Compassion Hope Forgiveness Thankfulness Love


Friday 3.09.21

Early morning work

Complete the number bond challenge to wake you up this morning. Choose from challenge 1,2 or 3. 


What does this image say to you? What does it make you think of?


The name of this image is ‘gathering point’. Gathering together means to come and assemble together as a group from different points or places. 


As a school family you gather each day in collective worship, this may be as a whole school, as a class or form group or in larger groups. Christians around the world gather in groups to worship, prayer and spend time together.

The next holy day almost the whole city gathered to hear the word of the Lord. 

Acts 13:44

Why do you think Christians gather together like this? How do you think it makes them feel?


What words do we use when we start our worship? These words are called a greeting or opening statement. They act as a reminder that God is present and worship has begun.


We gather as a school family,

where all are welcome and invited into this space.

May your light shine and peace be with you.

And also with you.

( This will be said at the start of worship everyday, children say what is in blue). 



Complete your baseline assessment for place value. You must not have support in answering any of the questions as this will not help to inform our lessons for the term as we need to know what you can do by yourself. Someone can read the question to you only if you are stuck. Have a go and do your best! :)

Connected Curriculum engage event

This morning it is time to get messy to start our topic Muck, Mess and Mixture! In school we will be creating a variety of art work using, paints, getting messy with flour and water and discussing how the materials feel and what happens when they are put together and using resources to make junk models! This will be on a rotation throughout the rest of the morning. Take part in these activities when and if you want to, with the paint and the junk modelling be as creative as you wish!


If you cannot access these resources to get messy then create any form of art work that you like - just make it weird and wonderful!



Phonics recap


Recap the sounds in video 1.


Then join in with the lesson on video 2. 

ai/ay a a-e

Dream jar writing

What are your hopes and dreams for the future? Who are you inspired by? Do you want to do a certain job when you grow up?

Is there anything you want to improve on?




Reading time

Share or read a book independently. If you read everyday from yesterday I will make sure you are moved up on the reading race that we have in class to help you earn prizes and rewards. Reading time max 10 minutes.

PE lesson



5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 1 | The Body Coach TV

Tiny the T-Rex | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Tiny the T-Rex: A Cosmic Kids yoga adventure about Tiny - a young T-Rex who learns about looking after his teeth!🌈 Watch our videos ad-free on the Cosmic Ki...

End of the day story

This is a story I have shared previously for home learning but I hope you enjoy listening.

How the elephant got his trunk