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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Friday 5th March

Early Morning Work

Practise your spellings before your challenge later today.

Welcome Video

Welcome Video

Daily plan

We have a really fun Jam packed day ahead of us today! Let's finish home learning with a BANG!

Act of Worship

recap and problems solving Friday

Slides 1-3 with me

Friday 5.3.21

Additional Maths Task

Live Author meet!

The meeting is at 9:30AM which is a question and answer session. I will be on the call too. Please come prepared with any questions you have to ask her. 


Password: pollyanne (all lower case)

To use descriptive language Fri

Additional English activity (optional)
Here are some posters for after to help you with up-levelling word choices you could have them up in your room or keep them somewhere safe for when you need them.
Spelling Lesson
Phonics spelling challenge

Spelling challenge

Complete your spelling challenge with me today!

I thought we would try this gymnastics lesson today as she is really fun and we have another task to do this afternoon afterwards. We will recommence our Gymnastics unit next week when we are back in school. Try and remember your travelling sequences you have made. 

Try this Gymnastics at Home Lesson!

Returning to School Workbook!

Complete the return to school workbook to help me get to know you all again as we have been a part for a while. You can tell me what you might be worrying about too so that I can try and help :)