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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Friday 8th January

08.01 morning video

With this activity please only do the first two sheets where you need to write how many tens and how many ones. We have not looked at hundreds. 
This activity requires you to count forwards and backwards within 20. Fill in the missing numbers on the number line. You won't always start at 1!
You will need a dice for this activity but if you don't have one then ask an adult to write any number from 1 to 20 in the middle column for you and then you can write one less and one more than the number that has been written. 

Friday 8th phonics video

Once you have engaged with the phonics video then please look at the oxford owl website and have a look at today's sound 'ar' under the level 3 books. This link should direct you to the page:

username: rabbitswoodchurch

password: Rabbits01

Have a think about what might be happening in the picture, where are they and how might they be feeling? The page is interactive so click on the icons on the picture to here the words with the 'ar' sound. 

Daily Story


Still image for this video