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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Home Learning W/C 31.1.22

Maths- Improper fractions to mixed numbers.

Use BBC bitesize for help if you need to.


English- Choose one thing to do with Ancient Egypt.

Start with writing EVERYTHING you know about it, all the facts and information!

Then, think about how you can describe it. This means using: similes, metaphors, adjectives, expanded noun phrases, personification, show not tell...


Reading- Complete the comprehension.


PM- Use the pictures of the treasures found in Tutankhamun's tomb and use the internet to find information about them.

Using this, create a factfile all about the treasure's of Tutankhamun's tomb. Decorate it with drawings and pictures!


Maths- Improper fractions and Mixed numbers.


English- Planning your poem, you may like to use the planning sheet or you may want to just have a go!

               Start by choosing your syllable and rhyme pattern (rhyme pattern is optional).

               Next think about what you might want to repeat.

Guided skills: Spellings, use Ed Shed to practise your spellings.


PM- French, we are going to be looking at pets. I would recommend this website, it has lots of games and tasks




English- Using your plans from yesterday, start to put your poem together! There should be a syllable pattern, a repeating line in every stanza and there should be alliteration, similes, metaphors, adjectives and personification.


Maths- Complete the sheets below, use BBC Bitesize if you need help.


Guided skills- EdShed for 15 minutes, TT rockstars for 15 minutes.



What can you find out about Judaism?
Moses rescued the Jewish people from Egypt, so what does this mean?
Can you find out about Passover and what is celebrated there?




English- Complete a STAR reader test on your own. Log in to Accelerated Reader here: 

You must complete this without help.


Maths- Complete the below sheets, and watch the video underneath to help you.

Guided Skills- Read for 20 minutes on your own and then use post it notes to draw the story so far!


PM- Use the document attached below to see how to make a Nemes!