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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Yesterday you completed the final lesson in the block 'Multiplication and Division 1'.

Today you will need to complete the 'End of Block Assessment'.

REMEMBER - Try your best and attempt every question. I will be proud of you no matter what, just believe in yourself and give it a try. I know you can do it!


Parents - please make sure your child answers the questions independently. You can of course support them by reading the questions. However, it is important the children complete this independently. That way I can identify any gaps in their learning and offer them the support they need when we are back at school. 

Please also complete the Assessment for the next block 'Multiplication and Division 2'. This will help me plan the next sequence of lessons and give me an idea of what support you will need! 


REMEMBER - If you can't answer any of the questions it doesn't matter! I haven't taught it yet, just leave it blank that way I will know where to target my lessons and support.