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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Monday 11th January

Daily Video

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A nature treasure hunt for Winter, let's see what you can find!

Maths 11.1.21

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Apologies for the technical mishap and the sound, hopefully it isn't too distracting.

This is a really good document for challenging your reasoning skills, it would be good to have a go at one or two each day :)


2.Please view the video on ClassDojo, it was too long to post on the website.

Then use either the link below or the document on the website to find the features of a travel brochure.


The link here is more challenging:

Connected Curriculum 11.1.21

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The videos didn't show up on the main lesson, so watch the links separately.

Horrible Histories Song - Cleopatra - CBBC

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The Tomb of Tutankhamun | Lost Treasures of Egypt

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