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Woodchurch CE Primary School

Compassion Hope Forgiveness Thankfulness Love


Monday 17.01

Early Morning work

Start the morning with some handwriting practise from your last handwriting lesson on Friday. Practise first on a whiteboard or piece of paper, practise writing in the air with your finger and say the sentence. Then practise 3 rows. Don't forget your finger spaces and try to make each letter a consistent size.




Last week we learnt these sounds in our phonics group. 


Today you need to ask someone to say some different words to you with some of your different /ai/ sounds. Can you spell it out on your spelling fingers and write it down. 

Then write some of these words into sentences. Don't forget your capital letters and full stops. 


Today you need to start to write your recount. You will have time tomorrow to finish and edit and improve your writing. 

Please see information below to help you. On Thursday we planned in class. 



Remember to add an introduction about what you did and why and then at the end tell us what you enjoyed/ didn't enjoy and why.



Mastering Number ( mental maths practise)

Play guess my number with someone at home that we played last week. 

Make or use a counter or similar to show the answer. 

Ask each other questions such as What is between 3 and 5?

What is between 1 and 4?

RE - What is the good news that Jesus brings? Lesson 2