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Woodchurch CE Primary School

Compassion Hope Forgiveness Thankfulness Love


Monday 6.09.21

Act of Worship

Watch this video of one of Jesus’ parables.

(you might need to watch it a couple of times) The parable of the Lost sheep- Luke 15: 1- 7

Why do you think Jesus told this parable? What message was he trying to share with those listening then and now?



Work through the slides which follow the lesson format.


Follow the slides and complete the tasks like the lesson format.

Don't read until the end of the lesson or go past page 10.

George's Marvellous Medicine Chapter 1

Chapter 1- Year 2 Story Time


This week we are doing our phonics screening baseline assessments and recapping level 3 and 4 sounds. You will complete your baseline when you return to school. 

Please complete the below activities. 

Choose something from our level 3 extra practise zone for today. 



Afternoon Spelling - Taught session

In year 2 we have a weekly spelling list in line with the national curriculum. On Monday we look at these spellings and the spelling rule and then throughout the week we practise them. 

You'll need to get someone to help you with the first task. write 'ur' and 'ir' in separate columns, your helper will call out the words and then you need to write them in the correct column. 

Then complete the first row only of the read, cover and spell column. Leave the rest for later in the week please.


Creation (Genesis 1-2)

Connected Curriculum

Test different soap products, such as washing up liquid, soap flakes, bubble bath, hand wash, a bar of soap, and non-biological washing powder, to find out which creates the best bubbles. Make practical predictions before testing, then use whisks, straws, potato mashers and sponges to create bubbles. Find out which creates the longest lasting, biggest, smallest and foamiest bubbles.


Daily Story

The Goat that Gloats