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Woodchurch CE Primary School

Compassion Hope Forgiveness Thankfulness Love



Today you will be learning about the Voice of Love heart

We all have people who speak into our lives - some speak love, some speak harm. Some voices will encourage us, cheer us on and help us live well, other voices will put us down, belittle us and make us feel rubbish. The most important voices in our lives, are the ones that we choose to listen to.


Task 1
Listen to 'Boris the Robot' story attached below.


Task 2
Answer the following questions:

• How did Boris feel when he chose to listen to the Scrapman?

• How did Boris feel when he chose to listen to Amber and Josh?

Task 3

Just like Boris had to choose who to listen to, it is up to use to choose who we listen to as well. On the worksheet, list the different voices that you have in your life (e.g teacher, parent, carer, friend). Write some of the things that person says about you. Draw a heart next to the voices that bring the most encouragement and love. These are the voices that we should listen to. Draw a star next to the most important voice to you.