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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Task 3 - Maths

Maths - Task 4
Now you know the ingredients needed for a couple of your dishes find out how much your ingredients will cost. You can go onto the Tesco website to find this.
The link for the Tesco website is here:

Search for each ingredient you need and make a note of how much it costs in pence (p). If you are feeling super confident you can write the total in pounds (£) and pence (p).


You will need to work out how much each dish will cost to make (in total). You will need to write the price down for each item and add them together at the end. You should try to add these using column addition. 


1 X Granny Smith costs 35p, for my apple pie recipe I need 3 apples. 
So it will be 35p + 35p + 35p =  105p

OR 35p x 3 = 105p

105p = £1.05 

REMEMBER - there are 100p in £1. You can use this information to help you.


Challenge: If you want to challenge yourself, estimate how much you think the dish will cost to make by rounding the price of each item. Once you are done, work out how much it really costs.