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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Term 3- Pharaohs

Our topic started with learning about a very important part of Ancient Egypt- the River Nile! We learned about different techniques for filtering the water, including sieving, filtering and evaporation!

Today, we learned about mummification! We used bicarbonate of soda and salt to replicate the Ancient Egyptian salt 'natron' and apples to replicate the bodies. In 10 days we will have a look at our apples and see if they managed to resist decaying!

Have a look at our amazing canopic jars! These were tricky to create and we had to use many different skills including: papier-mache, clay modelling and painting. They were used by Ancient Egyptians to store organs after bodies had been mummified, I think we will use ours for something different!

To finish our Ancient Egypt topic, we celebrated with becoming Pharaohs ourselves! We created 'Nemes' headresses and paraded our way out to the gate at hometime!