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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Thursday 14th January


Faith at Home - Collective Worship for Primary Schools - Episode 1: HOPE

Welcome Video

Morning Welcome 14.01.21-1.pdf

Daily plan

Flash back 4

Starter activity

Maths Thursday 14.1.21 - Google Slides

Video 1

Maths Thursday 14.1.21 - Google Slides

Video 2


Thursday 14th lesson English - Google Slides

Work through the video for your English lesson today.


Thursday Phonics

Session 2 ie and ea

Extension tasks:

Spelling Rule Rap: The Final /j/ sound -dge and -ge

Words in English don't end in 'j'So here's a little rhyme you can sayShort vowel 'j' sound -dgeLong vowel 'j' sound -ge

-ge and -dge Spelling Rule

Learn how to spell the "j" sound at the end of an English word. Remember no English word ends with "j". Examples and exceptions are also discussed. Enjoy!

Connected Curriculum 

Look at pictures/ photographs of old and modern homes (Victorian homes compare interestingly with more contemporary homes), identifying differences, including materials from which they are built. Discuss why you think particular materials have been used.


Task: Choose two types of home/ house. Sketch a drawing of an old and new house, adding captions and labels to identify their features. What are their similarities and differences?

Present this work in whatever format suits you the most. 

Please see below an example of a layout you could use for your sketch. 
Daily Story

Mrs Munday reading