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Woodchurch CE Primary School

Compassion Hope Forgiveness Thankfulness Love


Thursday 20.01

Early Morning Work

practise first then complete:


Task 1: lower case precursive 2x rows


Task 2: Upper case ( capital) x2 rows



Engage with the website first:



Write a silly story or some silly sentences using these /ee/ sounds. There are some words to help you but you can use some of your own if you can think of any too! It can be as silly, fun or crazy as you like!



Today you need to write a story based on what you can see in the picture. This picture has come from our new text. 


Task 1: Mind map / write notes independently or with an adult/ support to gather ideas about what is happening


Task 2: Then get ready to write your story



You can use time conjunctions to help you. Can you remember what these are?

Connected Curriculum 



From the 'houses' lesson on Tuesday choose one house. Then make or design this house however you like. 


You could draw it using different tones and shades. 


You could make it out of different materials or paint it... the choice is yours. 


When you return to school please bring your design or art with you. 

Mastering Number

Today you need to understand the word 'midpoint' on a number line to place given numbers. 

Task 1: What number is between 2 and 4? What about the number between 7 and 9? Can you see where 5 sits? Can you say the numbers that 5 sits between?


Task 2: How else could we describe where 5 sits on the number line?


Task 3: Have a whiteboard and pen ready or paper and a pencil. Draw a line. Make marks for 0-10 and write these numbers directly under the marks. 

Where would 5 be?

Remember numbers are written in line with the mark not in the space between the marks.


Task 4: Can you draw some lines and write on 0,10 and then 5? Create your own number lines.



Spelling Practise

Task 1: Finish your spelling grid if you haven't already.

Task 2: