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Woodchurch CE Primary School

Compassion Hope Forgiveness Thankfulness Love


Thursday 2.09.21

Early Morning Work

Act of Worship

What is collective worship?

What does the word worship mean to you?


Christians offer their thanks, praise and gratitude to God through worship. 


Look at this picture – what do you notice? What do you think is happening?




This painting depicts the time Jesus met his disciples on the beach for breakfast. What do you notice about how they are sitting, what does this tell you about their relationship?


So, how might Psalm 100 and the image of Jesus and his disciples help us think about collective worship in our school? What makes it special, what makes it different to other times of the day? This week we will explore more about the different elements of worship. 


Your Summer

Draw something you enjoyed doing over the summer and write at least two sentences about what you did. It can be anything from a trip out, visiting family or spending time with loved ones at home!

Remember when you write I would like to see capital letters, full stops and finger spaces used correctly.

Only One You

Share/ listen to the story 'Only one you' . 

Only One You

Only One You written by Linda Kranz, read by Ms. Foulks, Principal of Ethel McKnight Elementary School

Discuss three things that you think make the world a better place...



What things might make our classroom a better place? Come up with 5 things. You can record these ideas by writing them down, video recording them or getting an adult to scribe them for you. 



All the things you come up with today will be added to our class charter and we will reflect upon these to make our classroom a better place everyday. 



Now complete your design of your own fish to sign the class charter. The fish represents you, you can decorate it however you like to show that you are unique and that there is only one you. Make sure your fish makes it's way into school next week for the display as well as your ideas for the class charter.


Practise writing the long date on a lined piece of paper or a whiteboard. You will be writing this daily in English, connected curriculum and RE. 


Over the next few weeks we will be looking at instruction writing. Today I would like you to show me what you know by writing your own set of instructions. 

The title is: How to wash your hands properly

Do what you can and try your best I just want to see how fantastic your writing is and what you know. 

Complete this task on lined paper if you can and not on a computer. 




Shared or quiet reading

Take some time to read either by yourself or with somebody, perhaps a favourite book or story?



Practise writing your numbers 0-20 working on your formations. 

Then work out these number bonds facts: 


6+4 =               9+1 =


7+3 =               2+8 =


3+ 3 =              4+3 =


4+1 =               11 + 5 =


10 - 4 =             12 - 5 =


17 - 8 =             14 - 6 = 

We will be ending our day with some free time today after all of our learning - spend 15 minutes doing something you love! Reading, playing, singing or even riding a bike!