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Woodchurch CE Primary School

Compassion Hope Forgiveness Thankfulness Love


Thursday 21.10.21

Early Morning Work 


Spelling activity below linked to u-e. 



Discuss who Marcus Rashford is and why he is an important figure in History.


Complete the activities:




Complete two more of your spelling columns from your grid to practise writing out your spellings for tomorrow. 



Connected Curriculum - Art

Miss Banach has taught art this week. 


'In Art we created 'mixed media' pieces using those from as inspiration - we firstly drew an outline of the chosen animal or fruit we wanted to focus on and then used. different art forms to complete the piece (for example, glitter, paint, collage and pen/ pencil all within one piece of work).'



Miss Banach has taught PSHE this week. 


'In PSHE we created a Eatwell plate with foods we love to eat and discussed how much fruit/ vegetables and glasses of water we drink each day to stay healthy'. We used a paper plate to draw on all the things we should eat as part of a balanced diet. We also created a boris face to stick on.'



Whole Class reading