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Woodchurch CE Primary School

Compassion Hope Forgiveness Thankfulness Love


Thursday 4th February

Emotions Day!
Welcome Video

Welcome Video Thursday

Daily Plan
Early Morning Work

Worship Link


Start Maths today with this game!

Thursday Maths symmetry 4.02.21 FB4 and intro

Video 1

Thursday Maths symmetry

Video 2

Optional Maths challenge

Music to relax while writing!

Persuasive letter writing Thurs


Circus Mice: soft 'c' sound (ce/ci) by phab fonics

Phonics recap starter

Video 1

Tricky words and new sound spelling


This is time for you to choose what you'd like to do in this time FOR YOU and your own mental health and well-being. What do you enjoy doing? Could you read a book that you like? Go out for a bike ride or a run around? Play your favourite game? Have a chill out? Do what makes you happy! Enjoy this time!

Connected Curriculum 

Today you need to get your artistic skills ready. We are going to make some signs for the local community about looking after the local area. 

Daily Story

Please see today's story on class Dojo from Mrs Bryant.