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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Tuesday 12th January

Daily plan and extra information 
Early morning number bonds practise 

I Know My Number Bonds 10 | Number Bonds to 10 | Addition Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Number bonds for 10 song. Number bonds are simply the pairs of numbers that make up a given number. Number bonds can also be called number partners or numb...

The above video is a song to help with remembering your number bonds to 10. Listen to it as many times as you need to help you until you know your number bonds to 10. 
Please complete this activity once you have listened to the song to see which number bonds you know!
Daily 'Welcome' Video

morning 'welcome' video 12.01


Spring1.2.3 - Add ones using number bonds

This is "Spring1.2.3 - Add ones using number bonds" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Watch the above video answering the questions (you may need to pause the video to do this!) and then self-mark as it goes through the answers. This is to get your brain warmed up and ready for today's activities. 



Have a go at some number bonds to 20. This is more challenging as we are now working with bigger numbers but use the pictures on the sheet to help you. 
Try answering these challenge cards if you have time. You will need to find the missing number so that both numbers make our whole of 20. 


Please choose either storyboard template depending on whether you come up with 6 daily activities or 4. 


phonics 12.01

Once you have engaged with the phonics video then please look at the oxford owl website and have a look at today's sound 'ur' under the level 3 books. This link should direct you to the page:

username: rabbitswoodchurch

password: Rabbits01

Have a think about what might be happening in the picture, where are they and how might they be feeling? The page is interactive so click on the icons on the picture to here the words with the 'ur' sound. 

Have a look at the above website which shows you different pictures of transport starting in 1824! It also provides some information about different transport during different periods of time- you might need to ask an adult to help with reading some of the information. 
The above attachment can be used as a resource for reference when creating your own 'my feelings' mat. 
Above provides pages of different vocabulary to describe feelings. You will need to pick a few of the words for each feeling to write on your 'feelings mat'. 

Daily Story


daily story 12.01