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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Tuesday 18.01



Please continue to read this week, a book of your choice from home or choose some books off of reading planet to engage with. You can still sign your reading records and they will be counted in our reading race so you don't miss out.

Early Morning Work

If you need to complete an accelerated reader quiz after having your book for two days please do this. You do it by using our school webpage ( chn know how to do this when using the laptops in class). 

This letter is a recap letter you have been taught previously. Practise two rows remembering to drop it under the line and to keep each letter the same size. 


Challenge: can you remember to use a lead in?





These are the sounds we are looking at for the next couple of days. We are starting to learn the alternate /ee/ sounds. These ones are our focus for now. 

Today is a reading focus. 


1. What can you find in the picture with these /ee/ sounds? 


2. Can you independently read the words with the alternate /ee/ sounds?

Task 3: Read the sentences with the /ee/ sounds - can you find the words that have the /ee/ sound? Underline them.

Task 4: 


Now try this... with some other /ee/ sounds you might see later this week.


Yesterday you wrote your recounts for our local walk. Today you need to edit and improve your writing to make it even better than it already is. In class we edit in green pencil. 


Once you have edited and improved you need to write your recount up in neat for display. We will be displaying some in the hall this term on our year 2 board. 


Remember, have you checked for capital letters and full stops? Spellings? Finger spaces? Have you used all the things we have been learning to include over the past week or so? 


Challenge: write in pre-cursive like we are practising in handwriting sessions. 




Spelling practise


Connected Curriculum