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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Tuesday 20th July week 7

Early Morning Work

If you're learning from home today have some fun with these activities below that we'll be doing in school:

Card Making

Make a card for one of your TA's or teachers from around school to wish them a happy summer and to say thank you for the year. 

End of year Snapshots


Complete one of these end of year snapshots.

Science experiment

Today we are going to be completing the coke and mento science experiment on the playground. If you're at home can you join in too?

If you can't do that experiment how about one of the other ideas below?


You've worked so hard this year, why not celebrate by creating your own end of year party?!

Join the class at 2PM on google meet to say hi too! The link will be below.


For your party you could:

-Dance to music

- Create decorations

- Drink and eat your favourite things

- wear your best clothes

- Play your favourite games

Why not make some of these decorations for it?


James and the Giant Peach - Chapter 27

James and the Giant Peach Chapters 28-30