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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Tuesday 23rd February

Welcome Video
Watch our welcome video to start off the day. 

Welcome Video Tues

Daily plan
Act of Worship

Maths - Tuesday


Maths - Tuesday 23.2.21

Lesson. Follow along with me through your tasks today.

Additional activity ( optional)

To ask questions WK1 Tues 23rd

Revealing the text

Do not read until you have completed the lesson first

Additional English activity ( Optional)
In school and at home we have looked at split diagraphs. We need to make sure we can spot them in words. Read the text and complete the questions - underline the split diagraphs. Then recap the text and underline any key information before you answer the questions. 
Today is session to of the alternative /e/ sound. This will focus on spelling and writing. 

Session 2 alternative /e/ sound

Video 1

spelling and writing focus

Video 2

Connected Curriculum 

Castles through the ages

Connected Curriculum 


Daily story

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!

Snow White story Tues