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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Tuesday 26th January

Welcome Video


Tuesday Morning Welcome

Daily plan


Start today with our flashback 4. 

Maths - Tuesday 26.1.21 - Google Slides

Flashback 4

Maths Tues

Block Diagram example

Maths Additional Task ( optional)
Today's number is 52!

Introduction to newspaper writing

I didn't finish off the last part of my introduction! See if you can have a read through and fill in the gaps. Let's see if we can make this our best piece of writing yet! Remember neat, legible writing that is consistent in size.

Optional English Task

Phonics Tuesday

Video 1. Work alongside the video and then complete your tasks underneath. Afterwards, play video 2. Remember your tricky words to practise too. Said, are and some.

video 2

Sentence writing

Reading Lesson

Reading Lesson


Connected Curriculum

Last week we looked at special people in our community and what they do. This week I want you to think about what you want to be when you grow up? Is there anything or anyone that inspires you? To start of our lesson please watch the clip from Matilda the Musical.

When I Grow Up - Matilda the Musical

Watch from 46 Seconds in.

Daily Story

How the elephant got his trunk