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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Tuesday 9th February

Welcome Video

Welcome Video

Daily plan
Worship Link:



After the Worship Video please click on the link below to see a video and then a task for Safer Internet Day!
Begin with this starter activity. 

Maths - Tuesday 9.2.21

Starter activity - this is more interactive today, pause the video when needed and have a think. Then send in your answers and responses to Class Dojo when ...

Now look at the following links before you begin your main Maths activity. 

Learn About Faces, Edges and Vertices - 3D Shapes | Basic Geometry for Kids | Noodle Kidz

Let's learn about faces, edges and vertices in this video of properties of 3D Shapes. Teachers can use this video to teach young children; from pre-k to kind...

Additional Activity
Connected Curriculum
Start by reading the response letter from the local council. 

Tricky word cross off

Have your tricky word list in front of you, I will call out some words, can you find them on your page and cross them off?

Tuesday session 2 sc and st /s/

Video 2

Reading Lesson

Reading Lesson Tuesday Summarise

Miss Binder - Activity

Miss Binder has kindly created an activity for you to do today as a bit of fun! She hopes you enjoy it!

Daily Story

Monkey Puzzle Tuesday