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Woodchurch CE Primary School

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Wednesday 10th February

Welcome Video

Welcome Video

Daily plan
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Maths FB4

Learn About Faces, Edges and Vertices - 3D Shapes | Basic Geometry for Kids | Noodle Kidz

Let's learn about faces, edges and vertices in this video of properties of 3D Shapes. Teachers can use this video to teach young children; from pre-k to kind...

Maths - Wednesday 10.2.21

Additional Task
Start this recap workbook and then complete the rest before we come back to school. This is just so you don't forget some of the things we have been learning.
Connected Curriculum 
Today I would like you to continue with your project for the local council. Today you need to finish off your design which will show your changes that you'd like to make and record a pitch to make them want to invest in your ideas. Record these for class Dojo and send in your designs! 

Additional English task


Phonics Common exception word challenge and Games
Today you will need to work alongside the video on the link and you might need some arts and crafts at the ready today including paper and scissors. This is our last lesson on this unit.

Daily Story

Today the daily story is being read by Miss Binder. Enjoy!

Geronimo David Walliams