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Woodchurch CE Primary School

Compassion Hope Forgiveness Thankfulness Love


Wednesday 13th January





Good News! Nathanael and Philip

Daily plan
Welcome Video

Wednesday welcome video


Flash Back 4 Wednesday

Start of our lesson

Maths Wednesday 13.1.21 - Google Slides

Main lesson


Wednesday English 13th January - Google Slides

Explains the lesson

The book on PDF


Wednesday /ee/ ea and ie

reading focus session - book 25 page 7-8 Floppy's extra practise
No oxford owl book today use the phoneme spotter below.

Whole Class Reading

The Elves and the Shoemaker

intro to the book and onto your task


Today you will be designing/ making your own street. You can use any of the learning so far in connected curriculum to help you. Look at the picture book ' A street in Time' to help you. You can choose any street from any period of time. 


 You can use any resources you like to design or make your street i.e. paint, pencils, make it 3D - however you want to do it is fine but it must represent the street you have chosen. I will give you some more time to complete this task elsewhere. 

Daily Story

Miss Binder were going on a bear hunt