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Woodchurch CE Primary School

Compassion Hope Forgiveness Thankfulness Love


Wednesday 20th January

Welcome Video

Wednesday Welcomepdf

Daily Plan

Pictogram Maths - Wednesday 20.1.21 -

Flash Back 4

Pictogram Maths - Wednesday 20.1.21 - Google Slides

First model/ explanation

2nd Video example

Optional Extra Maths Task

Complete the facts about the number... Today's number is 20!


Wed 20th Jan using features - Google Slides

English Extension - optional 

Phonics session Wednesday

Reading focus session


Welbeing Wednesday 20 01

What makes you a wonderful person? Today you might need a jar or something to put a potion into.

Daily Story

Be Kind | A Children's Story about things that matter

What exactly is kindness? What is it to be kind? Is it being helpful? Being polite? Does it have to be a big act to be more kind? Well maybe the smallest act...